2016 - 2017 — UI Designer & Brand Consultant

Fan Powered Music

A music streaming service dedicated to financially supporting the unsigned artist through the power of the listener.

Fan Powered Music utilizes a three step process for the user:

1. Listen
2. Gain Points
3. Power Artists

As the user listens to music, he gains points. He can choose to power his three favorite artists to give them his points. As an artist gains more fans, points, and listens, they move up on the promotional queue to be played in an audio interstitial between users' songs.

The Fancast page is the heart of Fan Powered Music. This is where the artist can see which artists they are powering now and which artists they have powered in the past. They can see the constantly changing trends and statistics of each artist and follow their success.

The Fancast Card

Displayed on the Fancast page, the user has the ability to interact with artist cards to view the data and trends that the fan is influencing.